Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There will be light even when I am in my darkest moments.

Yesterday, i got back my Maths 1 test paper.. I got 73%. I feel so bad after seeing my friends getting 80++ or 90.. I cried. When I checked through my papers,i found that I was mostly my careless mistaked that bring down my marks.. This time round the marks is not counted in our final exam so that comforts me a bit. My kiasu-ness makes me feel useless seeing everybody scoring good marks.. My parents expect me to score higher marks and I feel so bad letting them down. Although they are okay about my marks, but i know i can do better.

The most touching part was, my friends here in Australia comforted me and lend a shoulder to me when i was feeling as if my world is ending. After a while, my tutor asked me to talk to him. I went into his office. He asked me questions about my Maths background back in Malaysia. I told him that my major problem is that i have a lot of careless mistakes. He taught me how to avoid careless mistakes by going through every questions with me and teaching me the tehniques to score. One thing he told me that makes me feel encouraged was : " Bernice, I know this is not the best you can score." I cannot helped it and my tears came rolling down my cheeks like waterfalls. Then, my teaher closed the blinds so that nobody from outside can see that I am crying.

I am really thankful to have people around me when I needed help. I truly understands that I AM NOT ALONE. No man is an island and God knows that I will surely be crushed if i face this alone. Therefore, He placed me in a community that I can get help from and also lean on when I am exhausted.

My friends agreed to tackle my problems alongside me. I will score good grades next term. This is my promise to the one most high, my Heavenly father, my parents, my friends and my tutor that I will work hard and I hope i will not dissapoint you guys. To my friends back in Malaysia and also in Australia, please remember me in your prayer..


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Janice said...

miss..73% then cried.. i fail my exam then i can die ....
just give too much pressure for yourtself... anyway..keep it up..