Thursday, October 20, 2011

You are Beautiful!! :D

Hey ladies, this is what God has put into my mind. Something that I am still struggling sometimes. I felt Him saying to me that I do not need a mirror to prove that you are beautiful. You are beautiful cause He had made you so. Women has been striving to look the best, to dress the best, because they want the mirror to tell them that they are pretty. Let me break it down for you, mirror can be the people around you, the people that you are trying to please. But, God says, we are perfect in His eyes and we don't really have to change our physical appearance to attract someone or do things that is not good for ourselves. He is the only one that we have to please, if He says we are beautiful in His eyes, then we are. :D

Ladies we have to understand our identity in Christ. There's no wrong in wanting to look pretty but the purpose behind that is what matters. If our heart is wrong, there will be no peace and joy that comes out from that. Therefore, we have to set our hearts right. True beauty comes from the spirit. We can have the best dress in the world and we do not look pretty because beauty irradiates from the inner being. To become beautiful is to have a righteous and loving spirit.


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Sabrina said...

amen!! <3