Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This morning i came across this tv show which challenge 4 best friends to go on a gossip diet where the four friends who like to gossip have to stop gossiping for one week(7 days). It's pretty hard for people not to gossip in a day, but with a little bit of determination one can make it through. At first, the four best friend started of well, but on the night of the 6th day, one of them started gossiping and they have to start all over again. They are given special wrist bands to remind them not to gossip. They have to record themselves everyday just like we write our diaries.

After 7 days, they learn a lot of stuffs. They learn how to control their tongue as they know every gossips they say might hurt other people's feelings. Now, whenever they say something, they'll make sure that it is healthy, kind and it won't hurt other people's feelings. One way they suggest to the public is to put yourself in other people's shoes as when you do this, you tend not to talk bad about that person. Before you gossip about something, you have to make sure that it is a fact. If not, don;t gossip about it.

There's some exception also, if the thing you are talking about that person is something good and encouraging, by all means you can gossip about that. But be careful, something something good will turn to something bad very fast. If you all wanna learn more about taming the tongue, try reading the book of James.

So friends, think before you speak...


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