Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Another Day In School

After exam and the concert, school seems to be very super duper boring. All my friends did not go to school and i'm like alone all the time. Chow it's very busy as usual, Sabrina got her own work to do, Janice, Denise and Jo Yee did not go to school.Today i need to go to school cause i need to settle the certificates thingy. The first four periods, me and some of my classmates watched 'The Day After Tomorrow ' in our Bio lab. It's kind of scary to me as it predict what will happen to our Mother Earth if mankind continue to destroy it. We might experience the 2nd Ice Age soon. It is very scary. Therefore, we should act quickly before we have no place left to live.

After recess, i went back to class, took out my Sudoku book and started doing it. But i felt even more boring than watching the movie. So, i decided to take a nap. But it does not help me to pass my time. So, i took out some pencils and start drawing. I started drawing about my classroom and it turn out to be quite good. Maybe i have Picasso's gene in me-joking.

At 12 o'clock, Anjoe(one of my friend from Ranger) and I went down to the field to see how our Juniors doing with their marching skill as they are having a marching competition today. Our Form 3 juniors ask us to be the judge for the competition. So, Anjoe and I took up the job but we only managed to see 2 team perform. We found out that many of their steps are wrong and their format is a bit terpesong.Tomorrow, we will go to the field again. Nevermind, they still have plenty of time to learn. I'm sure they'll get better as they gain more experience. Ganbateh girl guides.


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Anonymous said...

haha, this is the best time of the year, literally...hhaha... we used to take this opportunity to "ponteng" and do work in our scouts den...haha, prepare for troop camp, chop bamboo for gadgets building, even practice stuff like marching and performance, cos last time usually, there will be many gatherings to attend, at the end of the year... now dunoo ler.... ah...nostalgic...