Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prom Night.. Anyone?

Yo, people. Elim nd AOG are organizing a prom night. It's all about clean, healthy, christian fun. As the picture us not very clear. I'll write out the details.

Date: 24.12.08
Venue: Emmanuel's Gospel Hall (the one beside SJK(C) Chung San)
Time : 7.30p.m.-10.30p.m.
Fees : RM5 (include some light refreshments)
Dress code : Formal
*Bring a partner of the opposite gender/ bring a friend

It'll be a night to remember. Don't hesitate or you'll regret. If you guys want tickets, you can get from ah Kai, me, Eliza or ah Qi. Or if you know any organizers from AOG which are Sara, Chin Ai and Shin Yee, you all can also get the tickets from them.

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