Tuesday, December 30, 2008

School is going to start......

This holiday, i have to say is very short. I hope time will stop and i can continue to have fun. During this holiday, i did a lot of crazy stuffs, important stuffs, healthy stuffs, fun stuffs and last but not least some stuffs which will glorify God's name. Praise the Lord for that!

Why i like holidays so much?
1. Can hang out with my friends
2. Spend time with someone whom i love
3. Eat
4. Sleep
5. Join camp
6. Youth Rally
7. Sell Currypuffs
8. Caroling
9. Go for Prom
10. No tuition
11. Less stress
12. Less homework
13. Having fun like nobody's business
14. On9 whenever i want
15. Watch Movie
16. etc

Why i dislike holidays?
1. I will grow fat
2. I will be lazy
3. i have a lot of holiday homework
4. i do not have the mood to go back to school

Well, i have less reasons why i dislike holiday. That means i like holiday! (Crapping) I hope school won't be so stressful, nest year i will be facing my major exam. Stress will be packing their bags to my house and i have to be ready for my war. I need to sharpen my pencil which is my sword and to ask God for intelligence and guidance to face my enemy - SPM.

~the end~

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