Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Have Faith in God

Well, we had a few practices already. But , last night something happened and the situation was very tensed. There were a few mistakes or should i say some how the feeling is just not there. There were some conflicts between a few members. Then, Kar Men suggested that they voice out what they are not comfortable about and work it out.

After that, we stopped practising and we started praying. It's good to pray and don't know why i felt that God has comforted out hearts after we prayed. I believed lifting everything up to God is a wise thing to do as we are not the ones who are controlling but He is.

Just want to share something to all who is reading my post. There was one time i had a struggle with some which is very close to me. I am always mad at him but it is not his fault. It's just that i am not patient to bear with him not replying my messages. I've seek adcives from my friends, youth advisors and so on. I did solve my problem for a while. But the same problem happened again and again. I'm really very very sad that time. Until, one day i did something really stupid. I totally ignored him by not messaging him-nothing at all. That time, i was messaging another friend and she is with him at that time. She asked me ,"Why are you having this kind of problem and it's not settled for so long? You have to lift up all you troubles alone and you have to trust that God can help u. You cannot settle in ways that you think is right. What if it's the wrong way."

After listening to her, i realised that all this while i asked for advices and i did prayed to God but i do not have the faith to trust in him. After seeing that message, i prayed to the Lord asking him to show me the way to settle this problem. I also asked for his forgiveness as all this while i'm handling things in my OWN way. After praying, my problem really did settled and i can feel the joy in my heart. From then on, the same thing happened but i do not have any problem handling it.

Thinking back at what happened, i feel that God created this kind of problem to me over and over again because he want me to learn to trust him and obey him. So friends, wherever you face troubles just lift it up to God and do it in God's way. Or if you are not happy with anything, voice it out and pray about it. It really really helps. Trust me.


[;veN#=] said...

Well…I do agree with that…It really comforts our heart and soul. I do appreciate what He had given me and I do have faith in Him. I believe in Him but I do not have faith in myself...That’s what leads me to doom. Having no faith in myself makes me lost…confused and even frustrated. Even though praying to Him do comfort me but it makes no difference. He didn’t show me any guidance or any way out. Just mental supportment.

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BER said...

Ven: U just have to keep on having faith in Him. Maybe the time has not come yet. Or maybe God is doing something else in ur life and you haven figured out what it is.