Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am who I am

I tried to be like someone else by changing myself but i don't think it work. I just cannot be like some one else because i'm Bernice Ong and everyone is unique in this world with different personalities. I guess i have to be my ownself for God made each and every one a unique person and He loves us all... I guess i have to think like this.. so i won't compare myself with others.


cheyenne said...

MISS Ong, you are who you are. Und this....all of us can achieve things, but whether it's thru the same way or different way. You are capable of great things. Stay not in the shadows of mediocrity.

katan said...

You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Now I don't know where you got all this silly ideas of wanting to be another person, but did you check with your Maker? As for me, I will strive to be the one that my Maker wants me to be and so should you.

PS: I don't think God created another person for Bernice Ong to be or follow...:)