Monday, April 20, 2009

Something to share...

I felt God's presence among us when we are in SMK MC. We went through a lot of difficulties and God showed me that He is a God that provides.

I remembered that time when Foo Lee Ping told Chow that the modern cooking team did not bring any salt. We all know that salt is a very important ingredient to give the food its taste. They were very panic and without salt i don't think they can cook.

Chow said: " Wait a minute, maybe i have salt in my bag ."

I was stunt with what she says then i told ling. I said : " Why did chow bring salt? What does she wanna use it for? " I was very puzzled.

Chow said : " The decorations she brought to decorate a dining table (the one where people put salt and pepper in it) might have some salts left in it.

And then, she went to search for it. She found that there's still salt in it and the team can use it to cook. We were amazed by what God can do. After that, chow, me, vivien and ling thanked God so much for providing what we need. I believed that without Him, we won't be able to achieved what we have achieved. God also showed me that prayer works. Amen!

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