Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I cannot believe that!!!

Sorry about the picture. It's a bit blur.

Yesterday, Vivien told me that a guide in MC asked her to record our song and send it to her as the one she recorded is quite blur. I was shocked. Vivien said that the girl kept on listening to that song, day and night, 24-7 non-stop. I was shocked cause even Vivien and I sometimes feel bored of singing it. Then, someone that we do not know wrote the lyrics of the song on a table in Omega tuition centre . Vivien and I literally dropped our jaw.Last week, one of my school teacher walked up to Vivien and congratulate her about the song. We were so happy. We were almost floating in the air. I would never forget this experience.

This is how the song looks like :


When I was a little girl
My father used to bring me to the park
I used to lay on the ground
I looked up on the cloudy sky
I can see the birds are flying
Butterflies' dancing
How i wish these happy moments
Will come back to me

Now that I have grown up
I wish to fly my way to the past
Look at the people all around
I wonder how thing's change so fast
Sunshine's fading clouds are pouring
Mother earth crying
How I wish these happy moments
Will come back to me

The world is changing
Faster than a bullet train
Everyday when i wake up
It's dark and scary
We must change it back
To the way it used to be
So come on everybody
We can do it

People, people come together
Guides and scouts
All together
We can make a difference
If we do our part
People, people come together
Everybody work together
We can make this world a better place
For you and me

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