Friday, May 8, 2009

I copied this from a friend's blog... It is about EY...

Elim Youth or EY we called ourselves,
A group of young Christians in Elim Gospel Hall,
Lead by someone who called himself "The Saint",
Uncle William Chang is his real name,
"No need to work?!", that's his favourite phrase,

It's never a one man show in EY,
He's the engineer for the success of EY,
And he's Tan Kian Aun,
With the help of a lovely wife, Mrs. Winnie,
the only lady in EY,

Think of goat's hair, think of him,
Think of PDA phone, think of him,
Liew Kar Wai the owner of these things,
We need to pay for almost everything in this world,
But we can get free medical advices from Dr. Eric Yeoh,

One Way Jesus, You're the only one that we would live for!,
Wan Wai! Wan Wai!,
You're the only girl that Kok Ming would dream of!,
Kok Ming and Wan Wai,
As it is in the story, Beauty & The Beast,

She talks, she craps, she advices,
She is blessed with a talented tongue,
No wonder Jennifer Chang opted PR as her job,
He's cool, calm, and definitely a good listener,
No wonder Chris and Jenn are so in love,

All of us in EY love eating good food,
But we definitely can't eat without her guidance,
Yian Yan the food science student,
Then if guidance is never enough,
We have Jin Ann who is actually very good in cooking,

He's the guy that can never stops playing and fooling around,
He's the one that brings noisiness and laughter thus making EY livelier,
He's Clarence Choong,
He's the youngest PHD holder in the world,
Goh Cheng Fai our EY professor,

She’a cheerful girl, a girl that will never be shy to talk to anyone,
Daphne Choo is a girl that everyone loves,
She has the prettiest and sweetest smile,

A smile that brightens up everyone's day,
This lovely girl is Tsuey Xin,

We can always see him wearing a Man Utd jersey wherever he goes,
He loves football a lot and he's a die-heart Man U fan,
This guy is Andrew Chun,
He got one of the most macho name in EY,
Matthew Labrooy that's how his name sounds,

He does not like any particular sports,
But he love sports, confused?,
Vincent Chan just loves to exercise,
He can't sing or dance like Ricky Martin,
But he got a name of Ricky Tan,

Our country’s future best Biology teacher,
Cikgu Bio, Cikgu Alan Wong,
But all of us call him Fei Wong,
No doubt she’s very thin,
Michelle Tan the chicken little,

He's the guy that would stand at a corner like a stone,
Doing nothing but rehearsals for his own self-made MV,
Kevin Koon the 20 cent,
Tallest in the EY room,
Adrian Goh the giraffe,

He's the best in scoring goals in whatever games
Kent Lee the Chicken King,

Whenever we go to the beach,
Whenever we look at the waves hitting the sea shores,
We will think of Wai Kit with his belly wave,

Soft in words, humble in action,
Shaun is really a nice guy,
Be fruitful and multiply that's what the Bible says,
This girl loves to have a lot of kids,
Kar Men is this little lady,

Brother and sister,
They share the same similarities,
Tall and thin,
Glenn Low and Amelia Low,
No one will ever doubt that the are brothers and sisters,

She has a lot of nicknames,
But they shall never be revealed here,
Eliza Lee should be thanking her lucky stars,
She's quiet and shy in EY,
Yi Zhen definitely has more to learn from,

Miracles and wonders do happen everyday,
They came out from the same stomach,
Shared the same food and nutrients for around 9 months,
And of course they share the same surname,
Chow Yip Kai and Chow Li Qi are twins,

A talkative girl,
Adeline Chang is this little girl,
He's good in ping pong,
Even if he's playing with a broken hand,
And he's Bertine Ong,

We could always see them together,
They do share the same interests,
And they share the same heart,
A heart made of kindness and gentleness,
Bernice Ong and Shireen Chow are very good friends,

He's a guy that you can depend on,
Let it be anything,
Yan Hoe is definitely a great friend to have,
Steven Chang that's how his name sounds,
And words just can’t describe him.

She's another quiet girl in EY,
And of course most of the guys do love girls that talk less,
It's a good thing for you, En Li,
He likes Ronaldo and supports Man Utd,
No wonder Samuel can mix well with most of the guys in EY,

Change of tone...

Our lives are never a journey alone,
We always have God walking with us everyday,
And not to be forgotten our family and friends as well,
Every time when we fall,
We would have someone to pick us up,
And let us stand back on our own feet,
Someone that would lend a shoulder for us to lean on when we are sad,
Someone to listen to our thoughts and advise us when we are at road end,
They are the ones that our heavenly Father gave us,
Someone to guide us in our lives,

The friendship and the relationship that we build upon in EY,
It is not built on the sands of a beach,
It is build on the foundation of God's love,
A love that can never be broken,
This kind of love blooms only once in our lives,
And burns for a lifetime,
It's not about holding hands,
But it's about holding hearts,
Holding it tightly and never let it go,
A love that lasts a lifetime,

Together we share our tears and laughter,
All the times we had together,
Every moment, every second,
We shall cherish it with all our hearts,
There might be times when there are misunderstanding and arguments,
But these are the things that made us grow,
Things that made our memories so wonderful and colourful,
And they are priceless,
It would stay in our hearts whenever and wherever we go,
A memory that will be with us forever and ever,

With all of us growing with God everyday,
When every step that we take is a step closer to God,
Let us hold our hands and hearts together,
Let us share everything that we have,
Be it good or bad times,
Let us not leave anyone behind,
Even when there's death that set us apart,
But we shall still walk together towards the door of heaven,
Till then, we shall meet again,
It is a journey that never ends.

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