Sunday, May 17, 2009

TE AMO Pn. Cheah!!!

I met my primary teacher when i was eating *Nga Choi Kei* in somewhere near Wah Nam.. Therefore, i grabbed the opportunity to take a picture with her.

Meeting her reminds me the days when she used to push me very hard to improve my Mathematics. There was once during an exam, I failed my Mathematics. After the day, my life was very miserable. Every time when she wrote some questions on the blackboard, without fail, she will call me out and do. Of course sometimes I don't know how to do and she will nag me a little.

After some time, there was this Mathematics competition where everybody needs to take part in. To my surprise, I got no. 4 / 5 . I was so happy. Since that day onwards, my teacher did not call me out again and my Mathematics improved a lot. Thank you teacher!!!

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