Saturday, May 23, 2009

We had a great time today!!

The food my patrol cook..

Our little fire...

Agent 007

Having Fun

Jennifer and I setting up the things needed for Life Line

Getting over something..

Life Line

Life line..

Tent Pitching..

Pitching tent..

Had a lot of fun squirting water!!

I thought camp will not be as fun as it seems. However, today our campers gave us their best while the activities were going on. The activities we planned was a success!! All the committee members are very happy about the teamwork, creativity and surviving skills our campers showed us. We thought we might have a lot of trouble setting up the fire during backwoodsman. But, every patrol managed to finish cooking their food before the time stated. We thanked God for the fine weather where we can carry out our activities smoothly. Our teacher even praised us even though last time she does not acknowledge what we do. We managed to let her see our good behaviors.

Personally, i had a lot of fun 'bullying' the campers as i am one of the game mistresses. While we were playing life line, i squirted water gun at them like nobody's business. They were like screaming and yelling when the water hits on their face and armpit. I did it! :) It was indeed a great experience for me to learn to be patient because i have to repeat the instructions for more than 50 times. Thank God for letting everything run smoothly.

During backwoodsman, I did not really participate in setting up the fire. I only let my campers know the theory but i did not join them in the practical part. I was busy with making my campers cool by putting a handkerchief soaked with wet, cool, refreshing lotion on their face. My friends said I was like a mother taking care of my children. No doubt, i had a great time to day!!

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