Monday, June 1, 2009

WE did it!!! *scream*

The Committees..

It has finally come to and end. The 10 committees can finally take a rest during the holidays. It has been a fun time working with you guys and also the 3 from 3 CLs. I hope that they can really benefit from this camp and they can pass their knowledge to the next generation so that girl guide or ranger will continue to sparkle like last time.

This camp really brought us together. I can see changes in everybody. We became more mature and the bond we built is priceless. I will treasure this friendship that we have until i kiss the world goodbye. I love you guys a lot!!! I thanked God that made everything happened in my life. Thank you for everything that He had planned for me so that i can grow into a better person.

During the first day of girl guide training camp, in the morning, there was rain and the committees were very worried that it might ruined the programs that we had planned. Vivien, Ling, Chow and I decided to pray and ask God to provide us a nice weather to carry out our activities. He did! And we managed to have our backwoodsman and also our station games without the need to worry about the weather. Amen!

Personally, i benefit a lot from this camp. From planning until the day of the camp, i have never regretted. It thought me to lead, to work with others, to listen and to teach. It was indeed a great experience for me. I also get to be strict to my juniors. Thank you Lord for everything!!!

I also had a great time at chow's house where Vivien, Ling, Anjoe and I had a sleepover in her house. We slept together and we crapped together. no doubt, it was a great experience!!

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