Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!

I'm so happy. We stood the test of time!! It's already a year now since we first started this relationship. I thanked God that He is always there with us through out the whole year. i benefit a lot from this relationship. To be honest, it's not easy to handle a relationship cause it's not about one person only. I have to care about my partner's feelings. And when things get ugly, both of us have to think of a solution to undo the mistakes we made. I learnt to be patient and how to care for others.

We faced a lot of ups and downs but i thanked God that he made a way for me to handle this problems. It makes me a stronger person. To me, it is part of a learning process, it helped me to grow a lot.

We had a little celebration yesterday at something special restaurant with my gang- Shireen, Janice and Sabrina. I have to take this opportunity to say thank you to them as well as they helped me a lot by comforting and giving me advice when I'm down. I also want to thank all the EY'ers, Kian Aun, Wan Li, Liew Kar Wai, Kok Ming, Wan Wai and Uncle William and all my friends who took care of Kar Wai and I. You guys are the best!!


shi said...

nah..c..v noe u wil thx us ge lah..tat's y v said "U'RE WELCUM" tat day..memang geng lah us..k c d future..woohoo..
wah..touched arr??nt bad nt bad..

Lynn said...

It's been a year already? Wow. Time passes really fast. Congrats girl =)

Anonymous said... is true tat nt easy 2 handle a relationship like dis...i tink both of u had did a great congrate 2 u wor...lao gong~haha...

[s]ue[s]hyan said...

both of u so cute in dis pic..haha..=)
take care of each other oo..
u 2 must 'bai tou dao lao'..if nt u'll get it from me..haha..

BER said...

Shi : yeah, quite touched except for the part that i have to belanja you all makan..(jk)

Daph : Thx po.. love u..:)

Anjoe: Yo lao poh, thank you for being so "understanding", you know what i mean rite?? hehe..

Ling : Don't worry, we will try our best to bai tou dao lao.. thx for the support all his while..

[s]ue[s]hyan said...

u oso din belanja me makan..oni FRUITS! 1 PEAR..
haiz..sakit hati..

BER said...

eh..i got a cut on my index finger because i cut the fruits for you all leh.. Should appreciate it..hehe

karmen said...

how time flies... Continue to depend on the Lord! :) Take care..

BER said...

thx jie..