Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Biggest Loser!! Great Show!!

This is really a life changing reality show for a lot of people. When I first saw the name of this show, it thought it is some kind of show which makes fun of people or embarrass people. In fact, it is a show that encourages people who are facing overweight problems and give them a push in getting out of their messed up lives. A lot of obese people face a lot of problems in their daily lives such as : getting isolated from their community of people, dare not looked at themselves in the mirror, turn to food when they are stressed and so on. They are living in a non-healthy lifestyle.

Through this show, their face a 180 degrees change. The selected people will enter a ranch for sometime. There are a few trainers in the ranch to help them to lose weight through exercising and a healthy diet. They will face a lot of temptations as the house they are living in is filled with cakes, chocolates, cheese and all sorts of food that will make you gain weight. They have to learn how to resist temptations. I personally like this part of the program as it helps the participants to overcome the temptations of food when they go back to their lives outside the ranch.

What strike me the most is when a guy who is a doctor said this : I came in to this ranch is to lose weight so that i can inspire my patients to do the same. If i can do it, so can my patients and everyone else. " This guy came into this ranch, join this program, his main purpose is to inspire his patients, everything he do, he put others before him. Just like our Lord, He loves us so much that even if He can only save one person in this world, He will still sent his son down to earth to die for sinners. If I were in God's shoes, I will rather let the one sinner die than to sacrifice my one and only beloved son. A big hand for our Lord!!

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