Friday, July 10, 2009

I love my gang...


Koon and I


Animal Kingdom

Me and my bro

I like this pic cause my dad don't like his pictures to be taken..


I'm sorry if i have ever did anything to you all. It's found being with you guys an now i have to official gang - JBS and also the Animal gang (screams)..

This post is specially for you all as this is the 70th post of my blog.

Firstly, I would like to say sorry to Chow and Vivien because I suddenly said i wanna join the performance after i quit. That time maybe i was too angry and i don't have the moos to perform anymore. But after the ' talk' :) , i felt better and i felt like i wanna join back the team. I'm so sorry. Can you all forgive me ( Cute Face). Haha.

I also wanna thank Jan for being my counselor and also Ooi, Chow, Ling, Anjoe an Vivien. Thank you for being my friends and being there with me twenty-four- seven.. I love you guys a lot. I really thank God that He provided me with friends and situations that i can learnt to become a better person. I love you Lord!

I also wanna thank Kar Wai for comforting me while i was sad and be there with me when i cry. Love you alot too.

Last but not least, i wanna thank the Lord for giving me two famillies, one is my real family another one is EY. Mom and Dad worked very hard to send me to Australia to further my studies. Although i always fight with my brothers but sometimes i found out that they actually cared for me and obey me when mom and dad are not around. Love them too..

As for all the EYers, thank you all for your care for me.. It's has been and it will be a pleasure having you all as my family . You guys lighten up my days, gave me wings to be who i am.

I once said to God that if He take me to heaven now, i would not have any regrets as i have already owned everything that i wanted. :)



[s]ue[s]hyan said...


BER said...

hehe.. me too..

Anonymous said...

Ong Tsui Yue~~~~~ 5th time 5th time!!...T.T..I've neva said dis b4...but...Vivien Loh will LOVE all of u 4eva** (i mean it) abt the performin ting..i m still very sori..sincerely appologize 2 u..hope dat u will nt say "its 2 late~" worries gal,u hv no idea hw hapi i was when u changed ur mind~ I 4gv u~ i will cherish evitin u guys gav me**Praise the ord ^^

BER said...

Hehe.. *scream*.. I'm xtremely happy today.. Hehe.. I think u meant Praise the Lord rite? Hehe..

Anonymous said...

g cilao gong~very hapi tat v k share our things out n sit 2gather n solve is my pleasure k b 1 of d animals...haha~luv u guys...

shi said...

kong long: v r hapi tat u r 1 of us 2!!
ber: i agree wif wat ANONYMOUS said..v r indeed hapi 2 noe tat u r joinin us in d team once wont b a suces without u!!in fact..sry 4 d ting i've done recently..
pray tat i wil b a beta fren n i wont hurt any of u again~!!