Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh man.. It's so hard to believe..

I cannot believe my dad said that!! I was wondering since when he threw away those typical Chinese thinking??? He was very open-minded. He invited Koon to stay over at my house so that he can help me take care of my house while my mom and dad are not at home. My jaw dropped when i heard that.

l l !!!

Below are the conversation me and my dad had :

Dad : When is your birthday?
Ber : This coming Saturday.
Dad : Really?? I will not be here.
Ber : Yupe. How can you forget my birthday?
Dad : You better ask Koon to come over and stay so that he can take care of you and your
Ber : Are you serious dad??
Dad : Of course.
Ber : Since when you become so open-minded?
Dad : Nothing geh. Go and ask him to come and stay.


That's what happened.. And then at night, my cousin brother called and asked for my help during his wedding. I have to miss canteen day for his wedding. T.T.. But i think it is worth it.. :)
He asked koon to go to his wedding as well!! I was scared that time cause all my relatives are going to be there. If Koon goes, it will be like introducing him to my family. My cousin brother is willing to give him a place during the dinner. But i was scared and it ended up koon not going. Pheww.. It was a close one..


cheyenne said...

Missy, good news lah :D....Why are you afraid woh? DUn worry. Everybody wants to know him and see him. You should be showing him off. :D

BER said...

my whole family weh... no joke weh...

amelia said...

oh~~dat time da bride n bridegroom will be both of u..hahahaha...=D