Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thank you!!!

I love it!! i just love it!! Thank you to everyone who sang me birthday songs, ate birthday cakes with me, gave me presents, prepare birthday surprises for me, wish me Happy Birthday!! I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart to the core of it. I was indeed very touched!! A big thank you to my dad for trying to give me an unforgettable birthday present. Although it failed, but i still wanna say I LOVE YOU DADDY!!! I am lucky to be in a group of people who cared for m, loved me with all their hearts. T.T.. I will leave with a heavy heart for sure!! The one thing i regret is.. I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES OF THOSE PRECIOUS MOMENTS.. Haiz.. What a waste!! But, it's OK cause i have already capture all the beautiful moments in my minds and i don't think i

I'm also happy that i get to play the guitar during night worship. It was my first time playing guitar during worship sessions and some more it is on my birthday!! Yeah!! It was a very good experience for me.. Got to be in a band with Ling, Chow, Vivien and Kian Aun.. It's God grace that we can play and worship together. Amen!

Thank You Everyone!!!!!! *touched*

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