Thursday, June 18, 2009

I have been doing much thinking lately....

Yes. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. A thought struck me today. My Chinese teacher Pn. Low said this today : " People always like to watch happy endings in movies and novels. They never like bad endings where the bad guys triumph over the good guys or the two lovers have to be parted from each other. "

Then, i started to ponder upon the things that my teacher said. I myself also love happy endings. I think it's because we can not find this kind of endings in reality. Therefore, they are looking forward to seeing happy endings in movies and novels. Let's say if a movie has a bad endings, people will surely make bad comments about it especially Chinese drama.

Apart of that, i also think that the producer feared God too. They cannot produce movies that said that the bad guys won and the world fell into the hands of the evils. This is good that the producer feared God if not i cannot imagine what kind of movie will we be watching in the future.

Second thing, i felt very happy lately cause i found that i have a lot of friends that are always supporting me, wiping my tears, sharing my joy, crapping with me and being there with me no matter what happened. I thanked God that they can be my friends. I also wanted to have more friends and perhaps i should look around and build deeper relationships with friends that I have already had. Sometimes, i really felt that i am the luckiest person on earth because i have you all. I love you guys very much!!

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