Saturday, June 6, 2009

I love Power Lab!!!

Say Cheese....

Yung Xin and Weng Yee

My zai zai and lui lui

Amelia, Mika and I

Jeremy, Gabriel and I

Alicia and I

Mika Miyata with all Sparki's group leader's name tag

My bro, me, Adeline and Rachel

My bro and I

Koon and I

Oops.. my mouth is fulled with jelly....

Group Leaders...


Sparki's Group Leaders..

Ryan Teh and me..

Mika Miyata and Amelia

The Finale

During these 5 days, I learnt a lot from the kids and the helpers during Elim's Children's Holiday Club! I learnt how to handle special kids, how to cope with kids and how to teach the children the right thing to do. I built a lot of bridges with the kids. I was very touched on the last day that some kids asked me for my email address, asked me to take a picture with them and a Japanese girl gave me her address in Japan so that i can write or email her.

I also made a lot of new friends like Jerwin, Dong Guo, Si Wei and Su Yin. Some of them I knew a long time ago but i did not take the time to know them. But through this holiday club, i get to know them more.

I told Shireen that i enjoyed being a helper in this camp because i felt very happy being with the kids. They are so naive, cute, intelligent and not to mention naughty. They reminded me the times when i was a kid. I love my group so much! *SPARKI* is the best!!!

At first Uncle Jimmy was upset because the number of people signing up is very little. But in the end we got 100 over people and we have to cancel some people's name. Praise the Lord!! It's by God's grace that this holiday club is a sucess. AMEN!!

Finally, it has come to end. I hope that the relationship that we build with them will never come to an end!!

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