Sunday, April 19, 2009

SMK MC Gathering.........

Me and Vivien with the Best Highlights for Singing Trophy

Yesterday, I went for a Guides and Scouts gathering in SMK MC. I had a fun time .

I took part in three competition : Sketch, Dance and Singing. I was very busy yesterday as i have to change my outfit very fast cause this three competitions is very close. Therefore, from 11 a.m until 6.15 p.m. i'm always running back and forth to change my outfit. First is dancing competition. Amelia Ling , Hong Ing and I took part in this competition. We are very afraid before we go up to perform. I was having a bit of headache. But, when we are on the stage, I can hear my friends and juniors shouting for us and they gave us the spirit to dance. And guess what...AMC won the BEST DANCE award!!!!

Next, was singing compeition. Vivien and I wrote a song for this competition. Vivien was singing the melody while i'm singing the harmony. According to my friends, we did a great job and i was very happy with our performance as the whole hall cheered for us. We faced a lot of difficulties setting up the keyboard and carrying the heavy amplifier. But all that does not matter anymore. And we won the BEST SINGING award!!!

The last one is sketch competition. It did not turn out well cause we have a little bit problem with the PA. So, we didn't get anything . However, because of this sketch we managed to build our friendships and i think this is more important than winning the award. Well done to all the sketch team member.

AMC Rangers won the following awards :
1. Best Highlights for Dance
2. Best Highlights for Singing
3. Best Scarf Design
4. Most Discipline
5. Iron Guide
6. Best Commander

We are consider very good cause we are competing against guys and not girls as we are the only girls school taking part. Others are boys schools or co-ed schools. We won the same amount of prizes with SMI. But, they got the overall champion which is 8 feet tall. Although we did not win, we are still very happy with the results we achieved. Thank you God for everything that he has blessed the team with.


connie said...
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connie said...

well..u all did a great job act..
n u do enjoy indian dance arent u?
compare 2 ling n lee..
u jus smile n dance..
if ling n lee cn do tat as well..
sure whoa.. =)