Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting ready to face a NEW WORLD!!

Well, as you all know, i am going off soon to further my studies in Australia. I am excited to go there to experience a whole new world. Don't get me wrong, I do feel heavy-hearted to leave behind my love ones. I believe God gave me this opportunity to try on something new and learn along the way. I am very grateful that, my parents are very supportive, in fact, they are the ones that started this idea of going overseas.

At first, i was reluctant to go to Australia. I was afraid. I am actually a very timid person (those who know me very well will understand why i said this :D) . I really want to thank a person that changed my perspective towards studying far away from home.. She was a very tough girl that is brave enough to travel away from home while she was at a very young age. What struck the most is the way she thinks, it is totally different from the way Asians think. I guess maybe she was brought up in a Western culture. I always have this wrong perspective saying that what the westerners do are bad , there are a lot of social problems and stuffs like that. All these years, I have failed to see the good side of the culture.

After knowing her, my life has changed. I no longer caged myself in my little small world. Although, it is not obvious but somehow, i felt something different about myself. There are some misunderstandings between us, but from that, i learnt a lot of valuable lessons. Thank you.. Gracias Amiga!!

I am also very fortunate that this time round I have friends that will accompany me to walk this path of my journey. I am lucky to have Shireen and Dwayne to be in Australia with me. Like Dwayne said, together, we will be the BIG THREE (Legolas (me), Aragorn (Shireen) and Gimli(Dwayne). We will conquer Australia!! Haha.. This is truly God's blessings. Thank you Lord!!

I will miss everyone in Malaysia. I will try to call back or send you all emails when I am there. If i can get cheap air tickets, I will fly back to Malaysia!! YOU HAVE MY WORD!! :D Hopefully i can change for the better in Aus!!

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tien mie (: said...

ur going off to Aus?? when? wad uni? wad course? :-)))