Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To the ONE most high....

This is my 100th post and decided to write this post for God. I want to share it with those who read this blog about how great this God, this father, this friend of mine is. He is truly the Alpha and Omega, the Saviour, the Healer, the Sovereign King and the most important things is the one who loves me..

Anytime when I am in trouble, He is there to help me. He is just one prayer away from me. It is more efficient than the 911 hotline. I've tried praying to Him once when I am lost in the middle of nowhere. To my surprise, God answered my prayer in just less than 24 hours. I have never seen such immediate change of a person in my life!! Only He alone possess the power to do that.. He is the one the wipe my tears away when I am hurt. There will always be people around me, be it friends or relatives to comfort me. With just a simple prayer, nightmares are turned into the sweetest dreams one can ever imagine, turns bitter medicine to sweet and tasty honeys..

This is how GREAT my God is!!! I just want show my appreciation to Him by writing this post. Thank you God for everything that you have done out of Your love for me!!

I love you my Heavenly Father!!

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