Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Love Story...

A day before camp, I experienced something extraordinary.. I felt that I am loved :)
I had a car accident just in front of the church compound.. At that moment, I was terrified. My mind went blank and I can't think properly. Luckily, there are some church members came out to have a look after hearing the loud clash.. Then, more friends and their families came out and helped me. It's by God's grace that He 'assigned' people to help me when I was helpless.. Things get sorted out pretty quickly.. :D

When I came back from China, this thought struck me. Why on earth will this accidents happen just before i turn into church compound? Then i began to think.. I was shocked by the answer i get. Before that, i was so caught up with the camp preparations and sometimes i felt frustrated working with people and being busy all the time. Sorry if this sounds emotional, I feel out of place sometimes. I felt that God is trying to show me that there are still people who cares about me, there are people that are willing to stand by me and help me along the way. Thank you Daddy!!! This incident will be a reminder for me in future reminding me that God loves me and so do the people around me.. :D

Now, I am sure i will drive extra carefully when i am on the road. :D

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