Wednesday, February 24, 2010

7 Days in this new environment...

7 days have passed. I know this sounds very emo, but I don't know why I have been crying non-stop since Monday. Before I went to school, everything seems okay. I stayed in my mum's friends house and she took me and my mum around Melbourne. It was fun. I haven't felt the pressure yet. I moved in to my hostel on Sunday. It was still okay, My mum is staying in the hostel as well.

Things changed after I came back from school on Monday(sound of thunder). I began to feel very empty and lost. Maybe because in school i was alone cause Shireen is attending a different session. I have to so called 'forced' to socialise. I was not an expert in this. I have been seeing people in my hostel drunk and smoking. All i wanted was to do is stay in my room , socialise if i had to. Of course, there are still some good guys an girls around. Maybe i am still used to the community I have been in back in Malaysia. A sudden change in environment makes me feel empty and lost. I have to start all over again. Thank God Chow is here with me.

Mom left for Sydney but will be back on the 4th of March. I just can't stop crying eventhough i want it to stop so badly. I hope when classes start, i will be able to be strong and focus on my studies. It's weird when my parents call or my friends call, i will be tearing. It's UNCONTROLLABLE ! I really hope this feeling won't last.

Please remember me in your prayer. Thank you.Thank God i found friends which are trusworthy and kind-hearted. Today, one of the girls broke down in tears when she sent her dad back to Brunei. Then we all comforted her and then a guy suddenly said to her: We all came here to study, we will miss our parents, so let us work hard and focus on out studies. We have to help each other out throughtout this period of time.. His words spoke to me.. I was touched at that moment and i didn't really expext that to come out from a guy.. hehe..

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oneway said...

We'll be praying for you. :) When you start studying you will feel better I bet! Take care!