Saturday, March 13, 2010

SPM result is finally out...

Yea. I got my results but i don't really feel the excitement because i was not there to take the result from my teacher. Sigh. Thank God I manage to do pretty well and i did not let Him nor my parents down. Thank you to all who helped me did well in my exam, those who prayed for me, those who taught me, those who supported me and those who provided for me.

I was so shocked when i got the MESSAGE from my dad saying that I scored 11As in my results. I was hacing my maths lecture that time. During the break, i checked my hanphone and then I was literally screaming in my heart. Then i called my parents but none of them picked up the phone.. Therefore, i called Jan. She reconfirmed me with my result. I hung up and i could not concentrate in class after that.

I was happy and sad at the same time. I felt happy bacause I did not let my family down. However,there;s another part of me that felt that I do not deserve this result. I have never really studied that hard like my friends did yet i get better results. In Albert House (the current place i stayed in), there are three more other Malaysians who scored straight As in their SPM. They are those people who really worked VERY VERY hard before SPM, unlike me.

There are some people who asked Shireen , " Is Bernice a hardworking girl in school? She scored so well." That time Shireen do not know how to answer czuse she knows I am a sluggard, everytime study last minute. Now, when people in ALbert HOuse says I am so clever, so hardworking or when they address me as the straight A girl, i felt so embarrased.

Anyway, I still thank God for His blessings to me. If it was not Him, I would not have scored this well. I think what God is trying to show me is to rely on Him and he will make my path straight. Amen.

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Janice said...

haha. just admit u born with smart brain. dont have to be sorry !