Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A memorable birthday!!!

This year is my first year celebrating my birthday overseas without my parents.. At first, i felst very homesick.. but then.. Thanks to Shireen i manage to have a memorable Birthday that i cherish fof a lifetime..

Firstly is last Friday. I planned a birthday party for another friend of mine. I planned to tie the person to a chair and then throw water balloons at him.. but in the end, my 'loyal' teammates tie me up as well.. Indeed, they have betrayed me. They splash water on us too at 12midnight during WINTER.. Luckily, my friend and I did not get sick.. haha..

Then on Sunday irself, Shireen organised a birthday party for me where my friends pur up a show for me.. There were dance performances, sketch, raps, song performance.. I was very touched by the effort they put in and i appreciate what they had done for me. They sure did lessen my homesickness.. I got to eat crab which i have been craving for a long time.. :D thanks to Koola.. :D

Then on Tuesday, my urbanlife group UL34 celebrated my birthday as well, Hui Li baked me a cake. It was super nice..

I really thank God that He has blessed me with good friendships and has lead me through my days in Australia.. :D Amen.

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Janice said...

it's nice you have such wonderful birthday :)