Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Whole New Episode

It has been about half a year since i updated my blog. I can't believe I am a university student already!! How fast time flies. University lifestyle is way different from foundation studies and high school. If you are not independent in your studies, you will be left behind especially in the course that I am doing now. The lecturers are not going to spoon feed you. The lectures notes they give us is like 60% of the whole topic. The rest we have to go online tutorials of read some other resources.

It's a big challenge for me. I am the kind of person who do things at the eleventh hour, and I don't think i can survive this 3 years with that kind of attitude. I have to be more proactive in my studies (eg. pre-read lecture notes, listen to the audio recordings over and over again, pay attention during lectures). My oh my!!! This is super hard for me and it means i have to cut down my movie hours, sleeping hours and day dreaming hours. :D

Oh well, I guess i have to really focus this year. I don't wanna waste my parent's money and my time. Jia You!!!! and to all my friends out there who share the same experience, let's support each other so that we can have a peaceful university life!!!!!! :D

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