Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Be content..

1. God
2. Food to eat/drink
3. Shelter
4. Clothes to wear
5. A fully equipped body to do work
6. Family to love
7. Friends to care for
8. Money to spend
9. Love to share
10. Soul mate
11. the ability to learn
12. the ability to play musical instruments
13. The ability to love others
14. Enemies to love
15. Gospel to share
16. Every single breath that God gives me
17. Every single need God provided me
18. Toys

I own a lot of things. Thank you God.. I have to learn to be content and try not to covet. :) Contentment brings joy and happiness.. At the same time, we should always look forward and try to improve ourselves. Instead of wanting more from others, why not we try to give out some? No harm done right? Therefore, we should learn not to develop the feeling of wanting more from others and starts giving others some..

:) this is what i learnt from last week Sunday School's lesson that i wish to share it with you all...


Anonymous said...

Good post! Well done! Learn to give instead of waiting to receive is an attitude we all need to cultivate.~ WL

Anonymous said...

i like number 12