Monday, October 12, 2009

SPM is riding on a bullet train to reach me!!!

There are still 36 days before SPM (if Janice counted correctly). 36 days is not long and neither it is short. Till now I've been indulging myself with card games (monopoly) , board games (chess), the internet and also chit-chatting with my friends. I have lost the urgency to revise every chapter or to do as many exercises as I can. All i want is to PLAY!! I know this is kind of bad and mom will be chasing after me after she saw this post.

I do not know why. Every time after my trial exams (UPSR, PMR and SPM). I lost the mood to study. For me to pick up the book again and start reading is quite hard. This time round, I have to whip myself like how the trainers whip their horses so that I can get back on track with my studies. Only when exam is approaching, the rate of me facing temptations increases (weird but it is supported by solid experiments :D) .. At the eve or exam, TV programs seemed more interesting and outdoor activities seemed excited. What a joke this is !!! It is also during this time that i became more prayerful and having a consistent quiet time. :( I am sorry Lord..

Sigh.. Therefore, from now onwards I have to worked hard!! So that I can get flying colours in my exam and make God, not to forget my family and friends, to be proud of me! Before I can achieve something, I need to pay it with my hard work... Success comes at a price!!! ( a high price- fuh.. expensive) .

~the end~

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