Tuesday, January 26, 2010

23 days and counting...

A THANK YOU to Katan for REMINDING me that i have 23 days left in Malaysia. No doubt.. I am going to miss everybody here.. I know you all will miss me too.. :D Anyway, life outside my comfort zone will be like a tropical jungle in the Amazon, filled with deadly creatures that walk, crawl and fly. I will have to be on my 100% attention in order to avoid traps and dangers.

Can you all remember me in your prayer that God will protect Shireen, Dwayne and I while we are in Australia? We certainly need your prayer. Thank you.

I will try my best to send you all updates as frequent as possible. :D

By the way, I will be leaving on the 18th of february while Shireen will be flying off on the 20th of February. If you all are free, do come and send us off. We will be more than happy if you guys turn up.

My new hair cut to face this new world.. :D


Ong said...

Hey what about me ? the dwarf is going too you know

BER said...

Ok.. will add ur name in..:D

shi said...

ong ah ong..
i wil fly off on the 21st lah..hehe