Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sometimes I Just WANNA BE BAD!!!!

I have met people with extreme behavior. They get mad and you and at the same time making you feel super guilty. The funniest thing is you do not think that you did anything wrong and yet you are given this kind of 'treatment'. One thing I learn, life isn't fair. I have been searching for justice all this why and everytime i just FAILED.

There are times i wish i can just fight back, revenge and break all the rules God has set for us. But, i just cannot. I have been bound by all this laws and I know if i return an eye for an eye, this circulation will continue on. Temptations begin to creep in slowly, one step at a time, I have been ignoring them but who knows some day I might give in to temptations. I hope that day won't come when I failed.

Patience is easier said than done. I am not a very patient person and I will try to fight till the end if I know I am not in the wrong. I am always very competative. I am eager to win a fight everytime. My patience now hangs by a thread. Currently, i am struggling with this and I hope I can win this battle by enduring and praying.

Again, I need your prayer. I cannot do this alone. I am sure that God will not give me situations that I cannot endure. I hope that I will not fail Him again.

~the end~

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