Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exam is just AROUND THE CORNER!!!

What can I do? I have only 3 weeks left before my final exam. This time round, we will be tested on many chapters. As i take up 11 subjects, i need to study all of them within 3 weeks. Besides studying, i need to do a lot of homework (especially katan's add maths homework) and also my secretary work. Being a secretary for the societies is hard for me. I need to do a lot of paperwork and teachers always ask me to o a lot of extra stuffs.

Until now, i still cannot understand what my chemistry teacher is teaching. Probably because when she is teaching, i feel like sleeping. I think it is because I sit way too far from her and sometimes i don't know what she is talking about as she is too soft. I guess i have too work harder to read from other reference books or ask my friend to lend a hand. Besides chemistry, i also faced problems with the other two science subjects that i am taking which is biology and physics. I understand what my teacher is teaching in class or in tuition class, but when the question came to me, i still cannot answer. Haiz..


I'm afraid that i will get bad results as my parents will start to cut off my activities at school and church. Therefore, no matter what happened, i need to work hard on my studies and seek God for help.



shi said...

yo fren..i agree wif wat u said lah..4 me..our chemistry teacher is gud in teachin..n i und wat she said..bt stil dunoe y...results owiz is nt s gud wat v tot...eg. my ADD MATHS...arrggghh!!!i noe hw 2 do al of the ques..bt jz bcoz of my OLD FREN--MR./MRS./MS. CARELES..frm an A..i k oni get a B!!!arrgghhh!!
v hv d same case lah..wen i gt bad results tis time...zau sei lor...al my activities will sure b CUT!!!(it'll b a NIGHT MARE 4 me!)
so..let us GAMBATEH n pray hard!!

katan said...

Gals, you are only asked to do your best...not only in your results but as a daughter as well. Your parents also need to see you making the effort...For example, though this may sound cheesy, study in front of them...don't study in the middle of night (if they know, tats fine) Don't over pressure yourselves...Just do your best...

coffee shop preacher said...

wah... tan kian aun, cannot la like tat, teaching ber like tat... hahaha.... neway, agreed with katan la, on doing your best, like old, much repeated saying, do your best, let God does the rest... all the best ya

BER said...

Coffee shop preacher? hehe... may i noe hu r u?

BER said...
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