Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Say Halo To My New Life

Many things have been changed lately, some is good and some is bad. I need to learn to adapt myself to some new environments. I am already in Form 4 this year, just 1 and a 1/2 years before my SPM. Until now, i still have a little problem with my studies. Luckily, i can still handle it. Maybe i just need to work harder and do more exercises. So, that means less Tv-watching time, less chit-chatting with friends and so on. OH MAN....
Luckily, i have three best friends and some other friends here to support an give me guidance. Without them, i think i have already flung my exam. Just want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU..

There are still some good things happening around. I have more freedom from my parents. They allow me to go cyber(with church friends or best friends only). They even allow me to go for a mission trip by the end of the year without them by my side. But, sometimes i still hope that I am a little kid so that I can rely on them. Humans need to grow up. Therefore, i need to learn to be independent if not i really will be like a frog in the well when i go somewhere else to further my studies.

I was baptized this year too. I'm very glad that i'm part of God's family now and my family is very happy with the decision i make.

I am the secret keeper too. This is because many people's secrets are in my hands but i won't tell others except someone who really need to know.

That's all that I can write for now.



karmen said...

welcome to the blogspot world.. Don't worry about things that happen around you.. It's God's way to nurture us into a better person.. Be happy for that.. As for studies, I will help you if I can.. Just ask.. Hehe.. (I myself also blurr blurr at times in school.. I'm rather doubtful of my capability)

Elim Youth said...

See, now people can give comments....at least those of us that do not have a frenster acct.

Keep it up kiddo, there are many more things to come in your life, some good, some bad but know through it all, God and us will be there with you.


PS: Are you those are the only things that happened? Nothing more?

BER said...

Eh, what are you trying to say?? hehe