Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JBSS forever !!!

(This was posted on the 8th of July in my old blog. I moved it here)

In case you all are wondering, JBSS stands for Janice, Bernice, Shireen and Sabrina. JBSS is our gang name. We created this since we are in Form 1.

Last Friday me and gang had a gathering after Teachers and Parent’s Day. Our main purpose is to communicate with each other and know what’s happening to each one of us lately. As Sabrina is not in our class, so she is the 1st one to start. She told us a lot of things and i found out that she is a very obedient girl. She always spent time with her mother and help her to do houseworks. I was very touched by her actions. She is one of the most thoughtful person that i have ever known.

The next to share is Shireen Chow.I have known her since I am in Standard 1. Lately, she is very busy with her homework and her librarian stuffs as she is the head of librarians for 2009. She is a very hardworking and trustworthy person. That’s why almost every club and society that she joined, she will be nominated to be the chairlady of the club. 3 of us really look up to her as our learning model.

Janice’s shared about her school life. She said she did not do very well in her midyear exam. She says she is going to work hard for year end test so that she won’t her parents down.

As for me, i shared about my relationships with my friends. I am not good in making new friends. But once i know them…i can even tell them grandfather’s story the whole day. I am the kind of girl that needs time to understand others berfore i can joke and chat with them. Therefore, i am going to work on my communication skills and try to make new friends on my own without the help of my gang.

I love my gang very much….
Hope that we are best friends in our entire life..
No matter where I am,
You guys will be my best friends forever and ever !!!
JBSS Forever !!!




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