Thursday, September 11, 2008

One incident that happened in school...

Today, an incident happened in school during BM lesson. I don't agree with what my friends did to our BM teacher.
Let me briefly introduce our BM teacher. Her name is Cik Nur Farhana. She is quite short, with a dark complexion. To me. she looks like a 13-14 year-old girl. As she is a teacher in training so she don't have any experience. This is way some of my classmates like to bully her. My classmates do not listen to her when she is teaching, they even sleep in front of her. As our teacher is a very very very patient teacher, she did not scold or do anything to them. She kept quiet.
But, today is different. She asked my friend to read a portion of the syair by singing it out like how to Malays used to. But my friend refused to sing and she said all kind of things to get her out of the situation. No matter what , my friend refused to sing as she was trying to rebel. Her gang helped her by teaching her how. I tried to asked her to do as the teacher said so. But she don't want to do it also.
At last, my teacher said if my friend won't sing, she will not continue our lesson. Then, all my friends asked her to sing. She refused again. At last, my teacher stop teaching and my friend just sat down happily. That time, I'm really angry. Why she want to do that? Can't she just follow the teacher's instruction? I'm speechless that time. I tried to ask my teacher's permission to let me sing instead of her but my teacher insisted that she want my classmate to sing. In the end, when the bell rings,my teacher walked away and went to the staff room.
I really do not understand why my friends would do this, can't they just do what the teachers asked them to?


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shi said...'s 2 bad lah...act..hw is d situation ge woh??2 bad tat im nt in d class tat time..haiz...