Friday, January 23, 2009

A Great Challenge For Me

Indeed, teaching Mezzo is a big challenge for me. I am not like Shireen or Vivien who can teach people easily. To them it's as easy as ABC( i think). To me, i'm afraid that what i teach is wrong and it will affect the whole choir. Today, i spent a long time teaching them their parts. It took me quite sometime to teach them one page. I don't know whether my teaching got problem or their parts is very tough. I was stressed out. It's very hard. I'm afraid when they look at me blankly. Some more i don't get any response from them. I think i'm the worst Mezzo leader in the whole history of choir. Haiz. . But , i won't give up. I'll practice harder form now onwards and i will also pray to God for help.


karmen said...

My dear girl,
Be more confident okay? The piece is not easy I know. I've seen it. And it's not easy to teach a new batch of people. They're still new. Give them some time to adapt. I was once like you - thinking that I'm the worst soprano leader ever. But, I think that if you did your best, all those worries don't matter anymore. I'm sure you can do it. I'll be praying for you. Hope to see you in a best condition when I come back. :)

Remember, "Daughters of Ave Maria, forward let us march!!!".

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Philippians 4.13-

BER said...

thx jie..hehe..

Anonymous said...

yo there ong! surprise to c me here? jz here 2 say hi..i noe u are under a lot of pressure,,but,,plz beleive in urself..u r doin jz fine!dun worry.. do feel free to ask me or chow when u unsure of anytin..wat can i say..dats wat frenz are 4~~

vivien said...

oh ya,,jz in case u duno h m i..


shi said... rilli duno hu u r ..if u dun mention ur name..^-^
ong..dun wori..d piece is nt ec..n s wat dey said..dey r stil dey wont gif u much expression n responce sumtimes...rmb wat pn.lau said..(v seldom laugh wif our wen she ask us smtg..v wil jz response wif a cool expression) kip on prayin...n bagilah sndr sedikit confident!!
coz..u noe wat??
u r frm 5S8...n SOT PLAK 17..haha