Monday, January 26, 2009

My Chinese New Year....

This year's Chinese New Year was indeed a very fun one. All my relatives have come back from different places of Malaysia, mostly from KL. During the reunion dinner, my uncle brought back a big box of games, inside got Sudoku, the Strategy game and so on. All the games require brain power to play. Someone like me can easily win those games (JOKING). We had a lot of fun playing and laughing. My uncle is really a great guy. Although he is rich, he is very generous and he won't display his arrogant look. My auntie which is his wife always buy us clothes. I'm thankful to have them as my relatives. The reunion dinner was simply yummy. The food includes pig intestine soup, roasted pork, roasted chicken, roasted suckling pig and many many many many more.

I have a big family and that means I will get a lot of angpaus. This year there are two babies who have joined the family. Besides that i have a new cousin-in-law and two extra angpaus. It's a joy to see my family multiplying and and continue the line of the Ong Clan. I have already have 7 niece and nephews (so old lah me). Indeed, i have to thank God for taking good car for my family. This year another 3 cousins of mine will be getting married and i will get extra 6 angpaus nest year. Hurray!

Yesterday night, we walked to the restaurant just in front of my house and we have dinner there. The food is good and we don't have to squeeze with other people but we have to wait a long time cause the food needs a longer time to prepare. However, it's worth waiting.

Below are some pictures about my Chinese New Year , i should have taken more pictures.

Family dinner at a restaurant 1

Family dinner at a restaurant 2

Family Dinner at a restaurant 3

The two Chinese words represent my sirname " Ong"

My family but not all of them, i purposely took the photo of our new family member- Keean
My brother fixing my cousins hair

Me, my brother and our nephew- Stephen a.k.a Mr. Grumpy

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