Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Happy To Know Her..

Yesterday, i went out with Koon's GLO friends, Tian Me and Annie. We went to Jusco and both of them are very friendly. Although i live in Ipoh, but i do not know Jusco very well. They have been teasing me. I knew Annie during Chinese New Year's eve and she invited me to join their GLO's students gathering. At first i was reluctant to go but then through messaging with her, i found out that we can crap almost anything. Therefore, i went for their gathering.

I was asked to meet them at Mango. When i walked in to Mango, a girl saw me and she quickly ran to another girl and told her something. I knew it was Tian Me and she told Annie that i was there already. We did a quick intro and Tian Me asked me where can she shop for shoes. I am so lost cause I don't know where is it. So they tease me again. After that, we went to Imax and Tian me showed me some embarasing pictures of Koon during the camp. I laughed until i drop to the ground(joking).

Around 5.30p.m., Tian Me left and Annie and I decided to find a place and chit chat. We went to Secret Recipe for some cakes. Through this post i wish to say thank you to her for giving me a treat as she says she is older than me. Thank You. After that, Kevin Koon arrived. By right he should arrive at 4 something. So Annie and I gave him a big hit on his arm.

We decided to go for a movie. Since Annie do not know Mandarin and all the other movies are full except Underworld 3, so the three of us decided to watch that movie. It was my first time watching a horror movie in the cinema. Before the movie starts, koon went to the food court to grab something to eat. Annie dare him to finish his food in 1 minute. But, unfortunately he did not make it and that is because he purposely eat slowly. To punish him, we went into the cinema without giving him his ticket. The guard at the entrance ask for his ticket. I still remember he says this: ' i'm sorry, you cannot enter without a ticket'. Annie and i burst out in laughter. At last, we gave him his ticket and we went into the cinema.

Annie dared me to scream loudly in the cinema. I took up the challenge but in the end i'm too scared to scream. I did scream a little but she did not hear it. So it doesn't count. (sigh) Half of the movie i was closing my eyes as the scenes are super duper extra scary and bloody. It's about vampires, humans and lycans. It was soooooo scary. But both of them seems to enjoy the movie. I feel like vomiting when i saw the vampire vomit something red and slimy. Ewhh..

After the movie, we sat somewhere near the supermarket and we chit chat again. We told lame jokes and we had a lot of fun that day. It was a very memorable day cause I've never talked so much to some one i've just met for 2 days and i started to miss her already. I'm sure koon will be just alright in GLO. I wish to go to GLO next year too....


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