Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I've been through this week

This year's Sukan Tara i scored a total of 6 marks for four events... 2 marks for high jump, 2 marks for long jump, 1mark for 100m and 1 mark for lontar peluru. This is the happiest year for me as i get to score in every event. I have never scored 2 marks in long jump. But i did it....Hurray!!!

Well, another happy thing for me that happened is today's Valentine's Day celebration with the EYs(elim youths).. I had a lot of fum eating and mixing around. I did not bathe from morning until 9 something..Phew.. the smell... this is the time where i can release my stress and do crazy stuffs.

Now the sad and stressful stuffs. This week, i've been facing a lot of patient problem with my blue hose marching team members. They are always using my weakness, they know i won;t scold them so they always ponteng and give me lame excuses like tution. I told them from the first day that they have to sacrifice their tuition time for the last week of practice. Now, they tell me they cannot come next week. I was burning hot when they keep on arguing with me with a very chuen tone. I think that's because i treat them too friendly since day 1. My friends ask me to be more strict but i just can't and i don't know why. It's simply not my nature. I will only show my true colours to my brothers. Below are some conversations with girl A

A: I cannot come on Monday.
Ber: Y??
A: I got tuition.
Ber: i thought is say no more tuition for next week. You have to sacrifice something if u won't to work this out.
A: I don't want to miss any tution.
Ber: You have to come. Besides you, there are many people sacrificing their time .
A: Ok. If you want me to come on Monday , then wednesday i won't come.
Ber: (burning) Y?
A: Tuition
Ber: you can go home earlier.
A: Friday i also cannot come cause i got librarian duty.
Ber: That one can be replaced.
A: Cannot arr, i'm a new librarian cannot miss duty.
Ber: Can geh. trust me.
A: I don't know ar.. if i can replace then i come. If i cannot replace then i don't come.
(then, i was burning, but i didn't say anything. I dare not scold her. I wonder why.)

I also have some issues with our ranger teacher. She wants us to do our duty but she tell us on that day so we did not manage to get people to come for duty. Then she blamed chow. I was there then i kind of argue a little with her. Then she says why we did not wear uniform as an excuse to shoot us back. she expect us to go class by class and check see whether who didn't wear. Haiz. Those important stuffs like learning survival skills she don't let us to do but those minor minor mistakes she will pin point it out. Help!! Chow and I got so stressed up because of her.

This week is filled with happiness and sadness. I think that's why people say life is like a roller coaster...


shi said...

haha..congratex ya..(coz able 2 get 2 marks 4 long jump afta erm...9 yrs,rite?haha..)
erm..yea..gif me 5...i rilli wanna "salute" 2 her lah..coz..evitime..she tinks tat she's right..n dun even wanna hear any excuses frm us..den at d end..v r d 1 hu is blamed...wat a CUTE teacher...lolx

Anonymous said...

ber, what do u mean when u said she doesnt allow u all to do survival skills? u mean, she wont let u gals those outdoor camping punya survival things ah? like backwoods man, starting fire etc etc? aiya, u shud have told us earlier, tat BBQ nite, shud have asked u to start fire, can practice then...hahaha...then u can also cook the food for us...isk isk..

BER said...

Coffee Shop Preacher:
Yea lah, she don't let..she always wants us to have Quiz..hehe... i did cook the food myself leh...