Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Careless Mistakes keep on bugging me.. arrgghh

Why am I so careless?? How come I can't never complete a paper without any careless mistakes and flawless. Sigh.. I was wondering whether it is in one of my gene. Haha. If it was not because of the mistakes I have made I would have scored quite well for my Modern Mathematics paper. I feel like crawling underneath a rock and die!! Haha. Hope I will do better in my Additional Mathematics paper. If not, I will be skinned alive!!

Now, I'm starting to feel the pressure originated from my mother. I never liked it when she compared me to my friends especially when they score better than me. But i had no choice, I have to tell her how well they did and if they did better than me, she starts to nag me : " Girl, you always watch TV, that's why you cannot do well." or "Girl, what were you thinking when you are sitting for the papers?" and on and on and on.. She never see how well I did in my other papers. I've actually improved in a lot of subjects for this trial exam. She never give me a pat on the shoulder and tell me that : " Good job girl, you've improved! ".. It creates a lot of invisible burdens in my life. Well, I do not blame her for that cause her parents, my grandparents never did that either. Next time when I have my own offspring, I know what am I supposed to do.

I have to work harder now so that i won't disappoint them. Pressure is good if it is treated in a right way. Right?? Fuh.. Have to work like a donkey from now on!! Haha.. Knowing that I have my friends with me (thanks to Kian Aun) , i guess i will learn to handle this is in a PRECIOUS way.. May the Lord be with me as i move into another chapter of my life.. :)

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