Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Incredible!!!

I've watch a lot of Barbie's movies this two days.. It's so unbelievable. I've flew back to the time when i was still a kid.

I've watched :
- Barbie Swan Lake
- Barbie As Thumberlina
- Barbie As Rapunzel
- Barbie The Island Princess
- Barbie As The Princess and the Pauper
- Barbie In a Christmas Carol
- Barbie and the Diamond Castle
- Barbie As the 12 Dancing Princess
- Barbie Mermaida
- Barbie Diaries
- Barbie Fairytopia: Magic Of The Rainbow
- Barbie In the Nutcracker
- Barbie And the Magic of Pegasus
- Barbie Fairytopia
(I wonder did i miss out any of them?? Hmm)

There's a lot of moral values behind these movies. It's good to have young kids watch it so that they can learn something from it especially girls. :D

I love fairy tales but it is not possible in real life. Sigh.

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karmuntan said...

Left one ^^ ~~Barbie Mariposa