Wednesday, October 8, 2008

About Today

Today, i sat for my Sejarah paper 1 and 2 together. I was very tensed the day before as i can get all the facts in chapter 6. As my teacher left before she teach this chapter so a new teacher came just one week before our exam. She was teaching with the speed of a rocket, she manage to finish 1 and a half chapter within three periods. That's why i don't understand what she is teaching. Normally, i like Sejarah very much but Form 4 Sejarah is all about Islam which i'm not so much interested in. I prefer to study world history for example the old ancient Egypt, about Rom, Greece and many many more. My friends gave me some tips on what the test papers are going to be like. Therefore, i studied hard with the tips she gave me but in the end when i look at my test paper, my jaw dropped to the floor. None of the tips she gave me came out in my exam. Luckily, i read others too so i managed to save myself from drowning into the river of failure.

During tuition, my teacher showed us a clip on he effects of global warming and this is also the essay question for our EST paper. If he show us the clip earlier, i might have more poins to write. Nevermind. When i saw this clip, don't know why i feel very scared. It's like the END OF THE WORLD! If global warming is not handled properly, the world will be going to it's doom. Our future generations will suffer from many diseases, natural disasters and to watch all tonnes of fellowship crashing due to war and hatred. Like what the bible says, God will use fire to destroy he Earth. I began to believe that it's just a matter of time, it will happen any day, any time. What we can do is just pray and be thankful with what we have now.

Next, the auntie who cook for my family cooked my favourite soup today - ham choi soup. I can tell you, I'm looking forward to drinking that soup everyday. As my mom says it's not good if we drink it frequently so i can only taste that soup once in a while. Tonight, i will drink the soup until the last drop.

Well, i guess i need to stop writing as i need to study for my chemistry paper on Friday.



karmen said...

my dear sister..
Don't depend on tips only. It never works! Haha.. Anyway, don't have to stress yourself so much during the exam.. Sejarah is indeed so boring and not fun AT ALL!!! Anyway, as a student STUDYING in MALAYSIA, we HAVE to study it. So, accept the fact and remember them.. Hehe.. All the best girl!

katan said...

Ham Choy soup, yeah...I love that soup too. Great if you have the tau foo and roasted pig leg. Neway, sejarah is like one of the ingredients in tat soup. The sour dun like it but it is there to make the soup tastier. In sejarah, you will be getting some background info on the official religion of your country. Make u a more knowledgeable person. All in all a good thing...

BER said...

hehe.....i noe.. but the names of those tokoh-tokoh, especially Malay names..... they just cannot stay in my mind.. hehe