Friday, October 10, 2008

Minor break from my EXAM!!!

Today is Friday. Therefore i can have a little break from being with my book all the time. I get to watch tv longer, day dream longer, eat longer, surf the net longer, talk on the phone longer and enjoy myself. But, sooner or later i still have to sit in my study room and start staring at my books. Sad, right? What to do? This is a typical lifestyle of a student. According to my mum and most of my friends who are working, being a student is the happiest time for them as they don't have to think so much like they do when they are in their workplace. After i digested what they say, i began to agree with them.

Today i sat for my Chemistry an BC paper. I'm scare that i may not do so well in my exam as I finished an hour earlier. My friends says that i'm crazy. Sometimes, i began to wonder, is it good to finish so fast? Or is it because i'm too fast, i tend to be more careless? Well, i do not know that. I did check through my paper, but i did not find any careless mistakes. I think maybe it's because i don't know how to do that paper, therefore i just vommit out what i know. As for my BC paper 1, i totally do not know what i'm writing in my essays. I felt that my essay does not match with the question given. Haizzz...

As something has happened lately, i need to work harder in my studies to prove to my parents that that thing which i'm doing now won't affect my studies. So, i need to put extra effort to get good results and that means i have a few hours less to watch tv, hang out with friends less and on9 less. But i think it is worth it. Besides that, i'm happy that my friends are there beside me to support and encourage me. Sometimes, when i cannot resist temptations to switch on the tv or do other stuffs, my friends will be there to stop me, telling me what would happen if i don't study. I also prayed to God to calm me down when i'm in the exam hall and it really works. It's like God is sitting beside me, comforting me with his presence. I do not know how to describe that feeling but it feels great. So friends, next time when you are sitting for your exam, do remember to pray to God before the paper starts. It helps a lot. Trust me, I know.

Well, i need to head back to my study room and start studying for my Biology paper next Monday. If not, he will be nagging on me again. Bye.


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