Thursday, October 2, 2008


Group Photo


Koon with his trophy

Wai Kit And Jan's Group

My team and I

Tired and Thirsty

Jan in the match

Me in The match
Koon In the match

Chow In the match

On the 29th and 30th of December, me, Kar Wai, Shireen, Janice , Kent and Wai kit participated in a captain ball competition organized by chinese assembly.

A week before, Ming Hui asked me to join this competition and asked me to ask some of my friends to join also. On that day, we found out that 6 of us are not in the same group. Me and kent in Sunny's group, chow and Kar Wai in Ming Hui's group and Janice and Wai Kit are in Ka Yoong's group.

We had fun during the competition. We made a lot of new friends especially Janice, Wai Kit and Kar Wai as they don't know most of the chinese assembly's youth. We joked, cheered for each other and we have a great time together.

We get many prizes too. Kent and I got second place while Janice and Wai Kit got 1st place. On the other hand, Koon Kar Wai got his tittle as the BEST BLOCKER of the game. Chow's group got 3rd. We are very happy for each other's achievement. I was so close to win myself the best shooter title but i was 3 pionts away from Gloria who is awarded best shooter of the match. Nevermind, i enjoyed playing and that is the more important than winning my self a title.

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