Sunday, October 19, 2008

She still remember me!!

Yesterday i went to the Salvation Army's open day in Tambun with my mum and my brother as well as my mum's friend. It was very crowded there. People are busy shouting what are they selling, some are busy buying stuffs and some are busy eating and drinking. Me and my brother hang together and my mum on the other hand hang out with her friend.

We looked through every stall to see whether there is anything to buy. As we have quite a lot of coupons, my brother and I buy what we see. When we stopped by a stall, something happened. Below are the conversation of me and a girl called Cindy.

Cindy : Jie jie, you looked very familiar. Where did i see you before?

Me : Oh, i remember you. Do you remember who I am?

Cindy : Erm.. I do not remember but i think i know you.

Me : Last time, me and my friends visited you in the Salvation Army's Girls home?

Cindy : (she still cannot get it)

Me : Neh, we put up a sketch and we play some games with you all. You all get a set of Mcd
each gah. Remember?

Cindy : Oh, now i remember.

Me : You are Cindy, Right?

Cindy : Yes. I am.

(conversation end)

After that, i walked away to look for something to eat. I am very happy that the little girl still remember me. Last time, when I visited the orphanage, the little girl asked me to remember her and i did. May God blessed her life in he orphanage and may God take care of her in whatever she does.



Steven Chang said...

Heyy.. I also bought a book of those coupons more than a month ago for the Salvation Army's Open Day. I forgot that it was yesterday?! Grrr... Bad Bernice didn't tell me you're going for this open day also!

PS : Wish that we gonna visit them again, maybe for Christmas celebration or carolling?=)

karmen said...

Steven: yaya.. let's make another trip there. This time combine both the places. As in the girls' home and the boys' home.

Ber: Regarding your post, I think you should change the title to "I still remember her!!" Cause, if you don't remind her, she won't remember you. Haha.. Just joking. Anyway, our trip there really was meaningful to them. :)

BER said...

Kar Men : Yea..hehe.. we should go there more often...

Steven : eh, i did not know u r going leh... hehe... dun worry... there's always next time...

shi said...

woaw...hv our carolling a gud idea indeed!!c whether v k do it ant arr...

Steven Chang said...

yah. shi, carolling + a small party for christmas celebration with them? I know u love to makan.=D