Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exam Is Over!!! Yeah!!!

Finally, 8 days of exam is over and i get to relax. Although 8 says is not very long, but to those who are having their exams, it's like waiting for the lonely winter to end. Luckily, i managed to get through this winter. But, i still have to face another bigger challenge and that is receiving my exam paper. I do not know what my results will turn out to be, hope it is not to bad.

Today, my dad came back from China. He bought many things back , most of them are food products. He bought a big packet of pumpkin seeds back. I thought my father want to get himself involved in pumpkin planting. But, when i look at it, it's actually a type of snacks in China. They eat pumpkin seeds. I have tasted it and it's very tasty. If anyone of you want to have a try, just tell me, i can bring some for you.

Lately, i have been thinking what can i do to make people happy. I tried to joke with my friends, it make them happy for a while and that the situation became quiet again. Sometimes, i really don't know how to get along with friends. It is like i have no topic to talk with them. (Them refers to my friends which are not so close to me) . Maybe i do not know them well enough. Never mind, from this day onwards i will try my best to work on my communicating skills. Hehe. Ganbateh, Bernice Ong!

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